Thursday, June 28, 2012

Natural Hair and some dang-on Natural Sense!!!

Dont mind me- Im just making notes to myself- although it is here on my blog... so feel free to eavesdrop on my brainstorm!

I think that the hoopla of natural this, organic that, no mineral oil and potrolieums! don't do this, don't do! it all has me in such a place of bondage and wilderness! I am going back to the way momma used to do my hair, and back to what became my montra as I summized the major knowlege of hair essencials I learned in hair school. (which was: you can do whatever you want to your hair so long as you follow up with true consistant hair management and care) My current breakage, frizz, extreme dryness are unexplainable when I consider the major advice of those gone natural; I don't use anything in my hair! And as a result my hair is THIRSTY!! She is begging for some attention and these staples my momma used always kept my hair long and moisturized! I can only go up from here so I figure its worth it to me to at least try!

Here is my list of product to go back to- try and/or continue use...

* Water! destilled and faucet (Anita! STOP FORGETTING TO WET YOUR HAIR DOWN DAILY!!!)
* Aloe vera juice (try mixing with water this time)
* find and try a clarifing shampoo
* olive oil
* jojoba oil
* pure coconut oil
* Vegetable Glycerin* Tea Tree Essential Oil* Peppermint Essential Oil* Rosemary Essential Oil* Basil Essential Oil
* Extra Virgin Olive Oil
* castor oil (mixes well with gel as to dilute proteins present in gel for my hair type)
* Cholesterol or Lakair conditioner
* Carefree Curls instant moisturizor (and maybe the wave activator with jojoba)
* Jam (I love jam! Why stop using it just cause you say so?!)
* coconut oil grease (my daughters hair craves this product- again! Who cares what you say?)
* eco styler gel (try more wet n goes, incorperating a "damp" n go method- also use for slicking that hair up for your fauz bun updos)
homemade flaxseed gel
(for good definition on my twist out settings vs eco styler gel to use for damp n go and slick updos)
* Shea butter whipped cream (and shea butter essencial oil mixture) (My hair liked the whipped butter, L's hair liked it, Y's hair LOVED it...)
* Carol's Daughter mimosa hair honey (not before I research more reviews)
* Kinky Curly curling custard or Shea moisture organic coconut and hibiscus curling souffle' (try these only after and if I don't get good results from consistant use of shea butter whipped cream and lotion)

Some of these on this list aren't "all natural" to try (Oh no!!! god forbid!! oh stuff it!!) LOL
continuing on...

* Tresemme naturals conditioner
* Tressemme moisture rich conditioner
* Paul Mitchelle "the conditioner"
* any shampoo I want (dilute it and put it in a pull open squirter top bottle thingy; apply directly to the scalp for cleansing the skin and not over cleansing hair shaft)

~Sit under dryer when needed to deep condition- or to deep set oils
~keep washing and detangling in sections- resisting yank and advance on slip

I bet if I get cracking on these points I will see improvement in my hair... Im looking for
these results:
* fluffy hair
* less stiff, and lots of movement in hair
* moisturized hair, not necessarily shiny hair, but not cracked brittle and dry
* soft hair- easy to seperate and twist for stretch out routine and night covering
* easy to manage for quick styling in preparation for going out
* smell good hair

styles to try:
* crochet hair extentions
* marley hair faux buns
* clip in pieces of faux hair for bang or other creations
(also incorperate color this way)

So don't be like me.  Don't forget to think for yourself when you join a revolution- sometimes the real revolution is remembering that you although you didn't have the full monty- you did have some brillant ideas!!

Happy and messy scribbles to you!