Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mash haul and review

Hello happy scribblers!

So yesterday I was surprised to find at my doorstep a box from UPS as I wasn't due to get this shipment  until today sometime.  I opened the box and it was my MASH nail stamp plates! Finally, after learning about Konad and Monster stamps (and heck the whole notion of nail art stamp plates in general!) about a year ago, I finally own some- yay!! So, since I'm so ubber geeked, you may be wondering why I waited so long to make the move on purchasing some plates in the first place... Well, I can be really indecisive, but on top of that- when it comes to my being a virgin of any new experience*** I get the jibbers- you know; chicken jibbers; scaredy cat jibbers- yea those. So anyway, this past Monday I was reading
and I swear- the heavens opened up and my Father was like "upon this nail design and art plate I am well pleased" LOL no seriously angels, birds, ran over geese- someone was singing! I had found the first plate design I wanted to own.  So I didn't hesitate to jump on Amazon... even though I wanted to- I'm always second guessing whether to spend money on panties, or nail goodies- only to end up buying neither (yep- I go commando! just kidding). I searched MASH plate 43 (per nailsbeautiqued design) found the lot and dumped them in my shopping cart along with a plate holder, and their scrapper/stamper combo pack.  And here is what everything looks like... oh yeah- I threw in the pic some new dotting tools that I bought also:

Everything is by "MASH"
I paid $12.99 for a order of 25 nail plates (each plate has at least 4 designs on it) which in my opinoin is desent a price for a virgin stamper! I didn't get to break them open until 11pm last night- and I admit I was REALLY sleepy, but I wanted to test it out anyway! And I say--- sleepy or not-
 I didn't expect the result of my first stamp to be so dissappointing.

 Base was Sinful Colors Unicorn and I stamped with Pro Salon Never Glum Plum
It came out so blurry and I couldn't figure out why- not to mention sleepy brains aren't fit for solving mysteries!  So I went to bed a bit frustrated with myself, because I really am a "Watch someone do something- turn around and execute the replica perfectly" kind of person.  I think I was also rethinking my brilliant idea to click that submit order button so quickly; was this a bad buy??
 All the questions would have to wait til morning- and this morning I went at it again...

 My first thought was okay- maybe I should try a different polish. Maybe cheapo polishes don't work- although I have seen countless youtube-ers use many different brands of polish.  But I was on a mission to figure this out and get at least ONE. CLEAR. STAMP. on my nail bed! And as you can see...
I got another smeared blurry scrape... What to do now I wondered? 

Well, I don't have pictures of all the results but I tried several
 different polishes, but they each did the same thing.

Ok so- it must be the scrapper! I light bulb went off! I remembered seeing someone on YouTube use a credit card so I tried that...and yes.... Success!!!

Having Figuring out the problem, I tried a darker color in green with no base
and it came out great! Clear and with no smugges!
 (Don't mind my cuticles, and those dry crunchy hangnails- I already know I need a mani! LOL)

I just can't wait to get stamping an entire manicure.
Maybe I'll treat my daughter to one for her bday today!  Either way I'll let you see what I decide to do!!

Messy scribbles to you dear scribblers!!


  1. Jumping up and down with happiness for you...Yay! Have fun with them and don't get discouraged. It does take alot of practice to master stamping :)

    1. Thx so much! You're my inspiration!!!
      Happy and messy scribbles to you :)