Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My 5 Truths

Good morning messy scribblers!

I was inspried by Julie from Balzer Designs upon reading her blog and I thought I would get on today and chat about it with you guys. You can view the post here:


She ended her post by posing the challenge, do you have 5 truths?

Well- do I?     I think so!
So, let's see...

1. Love is a powerful force in my life- without the love of my husband and Father God I would be lost!

2. Pretty things are made to be collected.... BY ME! (*>*)

3. When I spend a few miniutes saturated in nature, all of my sorrows turn to mush and I aline with new founded energy. I guess it's true what they say- vitamin D from this sun a great nemesis to depression!

4. Laughter has the same healing effect as does a glass of wine at the end of the day

5. Your truth is not my truth- this is a new muse for me, but I'm letting the knowlege of this particular truth sink in deeper and deeper everyday.



  1. Like the new layout! My five truths....
    1.I believe in the power of love! In every aspect of my life and all my relationships it the the force that keeps things together!

    2.Live is meant to be lived! Spending time worrying, fearful, and existing is such an emptier to time. It's ok to live, in fact, that is why we are here.

    3. God speaks to me through colors. Can't explain it and won't try! LOL

    4. I collect people. Because I find the value in them. I think they are beautiful and I like to be around such gems...even the gems that don't KNOW they are gems yet!

    5. Everyday is a present, treat it as such! Open it and cherish it!

    Thank you for getting my thoughts a thinking...

    1. I love that God speaks through color, it's so awesome!-- You are awesome toyasjoydaily!