Thursday, October 24, 2013


Funerals are never the type of event that I (or anyone, for that matter) looks forward to attending, but it is the kind of event that must occur regardless to my preferences.  The passing of my great uncle wasn't a joyous occasion, but attending the service provided my family a chance to have a pretty awesome day.  

We traveled to Gary, Indiana for the service.  On the way to my Great Aunt's house, we were able to see the home where Michael Jackson and the Jackson's grew up because my Great Aunt lives just around the corner!  My kiddos, now distracted by fame and fortune, thought that this part was the ultimate highlight and single purpose of our trip! Ha!!!  We had to remind them that we were in town to bury a family member and that people would be sad, not happy to see Michael Jackson's childhood home.  They tried to contain their excitement-- but not before posing in front of the house and demanding a family photo shoot first!  

~bitter sweet~

My great Uncle's passing away also became what was a wonderful excuse to see family, and family friends that we hadn't seen for ages.  It was heart healing to lay eyes on this side of my mother's family that I hadn't seen in a long while.  In addition, while the woman who I was named after has long died, her two best friends who are still alive, were at the service.  It was great to see them, and to be seen by them!  I was able to show off my husband and children to them, and it was great to ponder on the fact that my kids are at the ages that I was at the last time they had seen me!!  It's the circle of life!!               

~bitter sweet~

So yeah, I wouldn't say that I like attending funerals, but again...  Who does?  
I am glad, though, that I was there.  
There to say goodbye, and there to say many overdue hellos.  

~bitter sweet~

(Charles; me; Alora; Aryanna; Theo; Tj)

(Aryanna; Tj; Alora; Elenore)

(Me-Me; myself)

(Brooke; Thaniel: Alana)

(Shawn; Charles: Ladonna)
(Jay; Charles)
(myself; Brandi)
(Brandi; Charles)

(Charles; Aunt Mable- Uncle who died wife, and my grandmother's sister)
(Uncle BC- Bob Colvin and my grandmother's sister; Charles)
(dad; mom; Uncle BC; cousins)
(Uncle BC)