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february 16, 2012
This new release makes me blue...

Ok, so... I totally dig Fred Hammond.  He's a staple on my iphone for goodness sakes!  His music, in my opinion, introduced gospel artists to the idea of composing good gospel (nearly club vibe) music as a back drop to lyrics of verbatim scripture.  His signature vocals sort of whine and float over the most complex yet soothing beats driven by innovative bass lines.  And though it always takes me a year or so to fall in love with a CD release of his, I am still disappointed with this particular one.  I have faith, though, that this time next year I will be recanting this blog- screaming loud about how in love with this CD I am, blah blah blah! lol--- til then, I will be forcing myself to listen to the tracks. Thank God his vocal skills are mad righteous! Excuse the pun  ;^)

What did you think of it?

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