Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Home Mixed Sangria

Hello happy scribblers!

So I have for you tonight a share...

I have yet to meet a bottle of wine that I didn't like (or if I didn't like, I still didn't drink- LOL).  But I loathe yellow tail wine! *okay tell me how you really feel neets!*

LOL I know, I know... But I don't like any of yellow tails ferments. But I must admit- on a cheap budget, any wine will do! Ha! So my hubby was at the store and he knew that I wanted some wine and this is what he brought home, along with some sierra mist -- the summery cranberry splash (his fav) -- and all of the sudden I had a brilliant idea! Mix, baby mix!  So... I poured some yellow tail, and topped it off with ice and a splash of the SMCS and voila! Its really tasty! As a matter of fact it tastes very, very close to sangria-- I was so geeked that I had to instagram and blog about it. Let me know if you decide to give this mix a try- I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised, and if not- at least you'll have a nice buzz for the evening :p
Enjoy your fourth of July celebration! **I had forgotten that it was coming up until my kids asked me at dinner tonight what special plans we have- talk about being spaced out! I don't know where I've been!! Oh well... I guess I'm more enamered with the upcoming birthday I have on Friday- Whoot, Whoot!! lol. Maybe I'll have another round of my new found "sangria" cocktail**

Happy and messy scribbles to you all! gnite :')

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