Monday, June 25, 2012

light and hope

Good morning neet scribblers!

Today I have for you a glimps into my soul. An art piece that I painted this past Saturday. I think this will be the first of a collection of paintings all related to the power of light and hope. I haven't "named" this piece per say, but it is a depiction of light and hope.

It is a view of how the power of hope's light is presently a long side one's darkness. On the one hand; hope is shown as a bright strength emanating from behind one, and as one's under girth, and as one's entire state of being; blessing one with wholeness. On the other hand hope is depicted as the entirety of the explanation above; moving through one, circling throughout every dark place leaving behind traces of glory. It is the dichotomy of war between one's trauma and one's healing. It is an image of the "hope of healing" in its most complete form; while still and in combination with evidence that darkness is yet to be dispelled. This combination depicts the ongoing miracle of one's ability to sense the power of hope while there are still particles of trauma within; for it is the acknowledgement of the light's power to heal the dark grayness that inevitably allows one to feel hopeful, at long last, since darkness and grey have been one's only experience. If I had to name this piece I'd call it.... "Hope's light and the power outside of us. Within us. Through, and around us." Too long a name, huh? Thus the reason I hadn't named it- LOL

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