Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hi every body! So, I am alive and kicking- I've just been dang near kickin the bucket- no just kidding... I haven't been too motivated to do much of anything lately let a lone post a blog. But being new to this, I want to push to make a better effort to write something more often. So stick with me y'all- I do appreciate all my readers out there!! YAY you guys!!! LOL

So even though I haven't been blogging lately I have been feeding my new addiction to PINTREST... If you haven't been bitten by the pinning bug yet, you are missing out for real! I was on, looking at so much stuff- and I came across a braiding style that incorporated a ribbon design that looked like shoe lace through the hair. Here is a picture-

I took one look at the photo from pintrest and couldn't wait to do it on my daughter. It was really easy! Here's another shot

Basically you braid out (or in my case flat twist out) an even or odd set of cornrows. Then between the rows, wherever you choose, lace the ribbon through just like lacing up your tennis shoes! You can use a large plastic needle that's normally for yarn- or like me because I couldn't wait to go to the store for supplies- use your fingers and a bobby pin. Kick over your bucket of ribbons and lace up some braids! If you have a little girl and you love ribbons and braids you must give this style a try!

Thanks for stopping by, but before you go leave me a comment, ask me questions... whatever! :)
Go color your world... always, always scribble neetly-


  1. I love her girls will love this!

  2. Thanks Sherri!
    We absolutely LOVE hair ornamentation :p
    Throw me some pics of your daughters hair, I'd love to see how it turns out


  3. @nailsbeautiqued- OMG!! Im such a huge fan of yours- and you visited my little page!! Welcome! Thx for your kind words-