Tuesday, March 4, 2014

1st Piano Lesson

I envision Bill Murray's character Phil in the movie Groundhog Day- older, stuck in an unfavorable situation (the same day repeating itself) but making use of it! Learning! Improving! Not counting his life as a sumation of; too late to change!

A quote jumped out at me. It was posted on a sign visible from my van while I was on campus yesterday as I went to pick up Todd from Smith Hall....

"Its never too late to be who you might have been- George Eliot"

This piano lesson is me, pickng up where I left off years ago as a chold. Taking on the challenge to be who I might have been. Not allowing my life to wither away like grass having not left my foot print there. Facing my fears. Being brave enough to be volunerable around a stranger. Letting her (Ivy) see my flaws- Why? So that I can grow! Attain this skill! Accomplish! Prepare and equip myself with the means to sasisfy my discomfort, my anger, my hurt, or my need for pleasure-- by playing a tune. After all it is music that heals, and brings joy to the soul.

And all of a sudden, anymore, those silly; fearful reasons I had to never do this doesn't matter. What DOES matter, that which I can no longer ignore are the many reasons that call on me to be brave; these reasons show me why I have to do this.

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